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At Faceless Ventures we dare to be unusual, bold and original. We don’t follow trends or create product solely for profit. Every single thing we do is driven by our passion.
Our theatrical company was founded in 2017 but our story began long before that. The company was formed by four members, all with over a decade of industry experience including theatre, scare entertainment, music and design. Our goal is to produce client based or original content attractions which focus on bringing ideas to life: we want every one of our guests to not only passively enjoy the show but to fully immerse themselves inside the story.
Visit our webpage's to see future productions and read reviews of past shows.

Why Patreon?
The whole concept of Patreon is community based and this is something we wholeheartedly standby as a way to educate others about a fledgling theatrical art form. All independent performance based companies take massive risks to explore and expand their work. With your help we can evolve and create projects which would otherwise be out of our reach. We are honoured that you would consider supporting us with a monthly subscription and to show our gratitude we will provide you with treats such as; patreon exclusive shows, early bird tickets, merchandise, one on one experiences, podcasts and free tickets. Also Access to patron-only content with blogs, pictures, and videos from behind-the-scenes at Faceless Ventures.

By pledging at any level you are helping the growth of not only Faceless Ventures, but a whole community.

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