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2JUNE 2018


5 years ago, at the height of his fame, Victor Hughes made a spectacular fall from grace. What happened on that fateful night of his ‘ghost hunt’ at Berrington Old Hall has never been fully understood or explained. But what is known, is that Hughes disappeared from society shortly after the inquest, that cleared him of both the deaths of two guests at his ghost hunt and the subsequent fire that destroyed the Hall. Rumours circulated about contact being made with dark and demonic forces and of vengeful spirits exacting a terrible price. But what is known as fact, is the other guests at the night will still not talk about what happened.

Victor Hughes came to the notice of the media through his TV show ‘Beyond the Grave’. Taking members of the public ‘ghost hunting’ in old and spooky buildings around the United Kingdom. His show gathered a strong following due to its live investigations, séances and dramatic footage of the paranormal. Critics soon condemned the show as fake and a hoax, a charge that Hughes and his producer strongly denied.

The night at Berrington Hall was to be his largest and most complex investigation, but some say it was cursed from the beginning. Sadly, technical problems with the outside broadcast equipment meant no footage was ever recorded or transmitted to the viewers.

It was with surprise and delight that we have learnt that Victor Hughes is coming out of retirement and presenting a new investigation. A competition has been held and the winners are being invited to attend this very special evening. We wish all the best to those who will once again search alongside one of the best ‘ghost hunters’ in the business for more evidence of the world beyond our world and hope they make it back alive and with their sanity intact.

This is a ghost and horror themed immersive theatre event, taking you on a ghost hunt with Victor Hughes.

Do you have what it takes to survive the experience? Are you up to the challenge?.

Are you ready face the unknown and journey beyond the veil?

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