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14-16 JULY 2017

Fraternity was europes first horror ARX finishing in a immersive horror show.

Many have heard of us, few believe we exists and the ones that do know are often labelled as conspiracy theorists, nut cases, fools! We are not talking about funny handshakes, whispering passwords and the illuminati, we are talking about the actual real deal, the genuine thing, the fraternity. We are the new world order, make no mistake about it, we control your government, manipulate financial institutions for our own gains and are behind all major decisions on the planet. We pull the strings of officials, presidents, kings, queens and prime ministers around the globe like puppets and control everything. We control the media, the internet, we control your Facebook account, we control you.

Forget what you think you may know, it’s wrong, forget what you think you may have heard, its false, forget everything you have learned, its lies.

We have always been here, watching, manipulating, changing the world and orchestrating events to ensure our survival and the time has now arrived for the initiation ceremony for new members. For 3 days, every 10 years, the fraternity offers the chance to join us, to become part of us, to be part of the global elite. That time is almost upon us and your chance to be part of the club will soon be here. If you think this is going to be easy, don’t bother applying! If you think the joining process will be fun, don’t bother applying, if you have any preconceived ideas that this will be anything other than hell, don’t bother applying. In fact, it is safe to say don’t bother applying if you are anything other than 100% sure, 100% confident and 100% up for anything in order to get into our club because the challenges you will face will change your life and the game forever. The “in crowd” is just that for a reason, only the best can be part of it, will you make it through the challengers once you step inside the door?

We will strip you of all your worldly goods, make you feel vulnerable, alone, weak, defenceless. We will throw you into situations that will make you wish you had stayed at home. We will not go easy on you or listen to you crying for your mummy and daddy, this is what it takes to be part of the gang but make it through and you will be rewarded with membership to the top table.

Come to us, face the challenge, be part of the club, join the fraternity.

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