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14/15 OCTOBER 2017


Diary of a Deceased is a transatlantic journey into the life and mind of a man through the only possession that was found with on his body, John Doe was discovered alone clutching his treasured old Diary so tightly that it had to be prised out of his hands on arrival at the hospital . A curious Nurse with the sole job of caring & looking after the body couldn't resist the temptation to open the Diary. She found that every page had been torn out all except 4. Each of the pages left told a strange story spanning decades through the eyes of the deceased, he talked about terrible nightmares of Demons and Noises from the Dark that he documented were true and very real and about his ability to not only hear but see "the other side".

Diary of a Deceased takes you and your group on a terrifyingly fearful story of John Doe's Life and Death.

Experience what lies in those pages of his Diary.

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