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APRIL 2015/16/17/18


Opening its doors in 2015. Cracked is not only a survival experience but also a social experiment, its unique use of social media will engulf and emerse you in the attraction months before you step through the door. It will leave you struggling to work out what is real and what is fantasy, this is a not a one night event, Cracked- Survival Experience is a lifestyle that never ends. 10 contestants, 1 survivor! Cracked-Survival Experience will pit a group of strangers against each other in the UK’s most extreme 6 hour psychological challenge and experiment. Once you reach the top-secret location, Cracked-Survival Experience will take you on a multi-sensory journey using live actors and special effects to push you to your limit.

Cracked-Survival Experience is an extreme horror endurance event where participants will be subjected to number of effects including; electrical effects; extreme eating; simulated torture; intense psychological situations; water effects; live insects and disturbing/physically demanding scenarios. This will include the use of physical restraints.

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