For nearly half a decade all had been quiet at the Museum, until in the dead of night the telephone rang! A dark, mysterious voice spoke just three chilling words. “They’re Back... Again.”

After four years the award winning Scare Attraction returns to the National Emergency Services Museum for 2 nights this October.

Everyone knows the legends and fables of Sheffield’s tunnels. The stories have been passed down from generation to generation, but through all those years some details have been forgotten; the reason why they were destroyed and who lived down there... Shapeshifters lurk in the shadows, only leaving the confines of the dark catacombs to pray on the innocent.

4 years ago a secret society, run by their leader “Evac October”, closed their portal to the world. After recent renovation work at the Museum, strange occurrences have been caught on CCTV in the night, with unexplained sightings of mysterious figures.

This October, try to escape the terrors hiding around every corner of the building in this fast paced Scare Attraction!.

EVAC is a live action Immersive production including Actors, fog, theatrical elements including strobe lighting and may not be suitable for anyone with Epilepsy.